STEP #5 Thank you for your pre-order of of INNOVATE Toronto

Thank you for your order for XXX copies of the inaugural edition of INNOVATE Toronto.
All the pre-orders we are currently receiving are very much appreciated.
Our head office (Global Village Publishing Inc.) will be sending you an e-invoice for your hardcover books at the pre-publication discount of  $XX.00 each plus the $XXX.00 design fee. 
We will confirm your shipping address (home or office) with you before the books are dispatched.
If you decide that you may need more copies, or would like to have the front covers of your books embossed with your company logo at no charge with a minimum of 25 copies at the further discounted rate of $XX.00 per copy, please let me know. Custom embossing will remain available for a limited time.
As we head towards the hardcover book’s launch, I will continue to update you on the publication date and delivery of your order.   
Innovate™-Toronto-Cover With Logo.png
All the Best,

Brahm Glickman
Vice President  Canada Publications
Global Village Publishing Inc.
Tel: 514-951-1580 
See the new INNOVATE Toronto Teaser Video:

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