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Connecting Ecosystems

Global Village Publishing, at its core, is a company focused on connecting minds and building communities. With a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship, we aim to map out the ecosystems in regions across the globe and tell their success stories to the world, across multi-channel platforms including digital and IRL books, web platforms, and video content. We are currently working on some exciting initiatives in the NFT and Metaverse space. Watch this space!


INNOVATE® Book Series

From the first edition which was borne in Tampa Bay, Florida to its current 50+ editions, the INNOVATE book series endeavors to map out the innovation ecosystems of growing cities and innovations hubs across the globe. This initiative includes a high-quality coffee-table book featuring 100 of the leading innovators and innovation enablers in their respective regions or industries, this content is then replicated across a web series, ebook, and video content. The INNOVATE series highlights success stories from multinationals to individuals who are shifting the status quo and making a difference in their region. The project brings together like-minded individuals, corporations, and institutions where they can connect, learn and support each other both locally and internationally. With over 10 000 recognized innovators across the globe the series continues to gain momentum and broaden its geographies.

Best of Book Series

The best of book series is a love story; a showcase, and celebration of the leadership, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle that prevails across the region. This series promotes the thriving spirit that prevails in these cities and maps out the progress and development that is taking place. Each book is curated in partnership with leaders and influencers who are shaping the region’s progress. The Best Of attempts to honour the regions roots, histories, and culture.

The biggest cooperative marketing effort you’ll ever see to promote your city.

Metaverse Publishing

Metaverse Publishing proudly created the first-ever Interactive, readable NFT Book on Opensea: INNOVATE® Gaming & Esports

The new NFT Yearbook is an interactive, 3D, readable Book NFT that will live on the Ethereum Blockchain. Created by Metaverse Publishing, a division of Global Village Publishing. The NFT Yearbook is a collection of 9669 interactive 3D NFT Yearbooks with a variety of randomly assigned attributes that rewards its owners with IRL rewards–Ranging from 9669 Beautiful, High-Quality Coffee Table Books to spaces in the book to record their projects, thoughts or NFT’s in the 3d NFT Book, The Digital Book, and the Real-Life Book.

Women of the Future Series

WOMEN OF THE FUTURE is a project aimed at showcasing and celebrating the top female change-makers in Web3 and the Metaverse using emerging technologies as a force for good in the real world.

An initiative conceptualized by empowered women empowering women, creating a multi-channel platform to tell the success stories of female pioneers in this rapidly developing and to date, male-orientated, ecosystem.

This initiative aims to amplify the voices of these leaders and innovators to inspire future leaders and ensure that women not only get their deserved seat at the table but that they get to drive the narrative.

This initiative is a progressive approach, created in collaboration with men who share the objective of driving change through Women of the Future.

Custom Publishing

Highly personalized service for those special book projects.

We are not an online, fill in the blank book publisher … although our prices rival those of automated, high volume book publishing services – we take you ‘by the hand’ and walk you through the incredible book creation journey. We do it all for you … we take your vision and ideas and turn them into a book that generations will appreciate.

Global Village Publishing is a successful international book publisher with over 180 publications in over 50 countries. Now that we’ve mastered the processes ourselves, we’ve made the strategic decision to work with select individuals and organizations that have an important story to tell.

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