STEP #3 Innovate Toronto Artwork Reminder


I hope all is well.

As we head towards the end of production we are all very excited that the inaugural edition of INNOVATE Toronto will be published this coming Spring/Summer.


Since we last spoke, the book project has been growing at an exciting pace.

Our first teaser video has been released:

More innovation stories are now being posted on the INNOVATE Toronto website:

Production lead Gia Bischofberger (cc’d here) and her team look forward to receiving your content assets as soon as possible.

We hope to have all your content assets by April 1st, but the sooner we receive them, the sooner your feature can be shared online.

All we need is:

  • 300 – 600 words about the organization in a fully proofread Word document with a stand out heading that defines your story. Should you need assistance with this, please advise
  • 4-8 High Res images (min 300 DPI/ at least 1mb per image) 
  • Contact information for your company
  • An optional short video for our Augmented Reality feature that will embed your company video in the book. The actual video can be sent at a much later date, we only need to know now if you are planning to include one in your feature.  
    You can find more information on the AR Video feature here:

You just need to submit the raw content assets. Our production team will transform your submission into a wonderful two page layout that will be sent back to you for your review and approval.


For examples of editorial content please see our Innovate Ottawa book here : 
Gia will be happy to offer any assistance you may need and guide you through the production process.

The XXXXX innovation story will be in the company of many great Toronto innovators.

Here is an updated list of confirmed participants that will be featured in the publication: 

Institutions & Organizations

MaRS Discovery District
The City of Toronto & Destination Toronto

Corporate Innovation

Collision Toronto



Amplify Capital
Climate Innovation Capital

Startups & Companies


INNOVATE Toronto will be a high quality legacy publication that will be appreciated for many years to come.

If you have any questions, please contact me or Gia anytime.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

All the Best,

Brahm Glickman

Vice President  Canada Publications

Global Village Publishing Inc.

Tel: 514-951-1580

See the new INNOVATE Toronto Teaser Video:

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