STEP 2c (if they need time to decide) INNOVATE Toronto book project information


I want to thank you for the great conversation we had earlier.

It was a pleasure to speak with you and I look forward to the opportunity of working with you on this exciting initiative.


I want to welcome you to the opportunity of participating in the INNOVATE Toronto book project.

As we head into 2022 we are all very excited that the book will be published this coming Spring/Summer.

Here is what would happen once you are onboard:

We will allocate the following for you:

    • A two page spread to share the XXXXX innovation story featuring approximately 400 words of editorial content that you wish to provide, along with 4-6 images, your company logo, and an optional short video for the included Augmented Reality feature embedded in the book.
    • Your content can be steered in any direction that you feel would best represent your company’s innovation story.    
    • For examples of editorial content please see our and our INNOVATE Ottawa edition here:  and our INNOVATE Montreal book here;


 What we need from you:

  • You just need to submit the raw content (fully proofread word file, jpegs, logo file, and optional video file). Our production team will transform your submission into a wonderful layout design that will be sent back to you for your approval every step of the way.  Your content will be showcased on the soon to be released INNOVATE Toronto web platform, which is part of our international platform;
  • Once onboard our Production Lead will be in touch with you to offer any assistance you may need and guide you through the production process. Although the book is scheduled to be published in Spring 2022, the sooner you send us your content, the sooner your innovation story can be featured on our various websites. 


Our business model:

  • There will be a one time $200.00 production fee to create your design. For this one time fee our production team will work on your design layout until it has your 100% final approval.
  • There will be no other costs associated with being included in the INNOVATE Toronto book and web platform, however the project is entirely crowdfunded by the sale of the deluxe hardcover coffee table book.
  • Single copies of the book will sell for $95.00CAD 
  • Discounts and complementary cover embossing of your company logo are available for quantity purchases.
  • Most smaller companies and startups coming onboard pre-order a minimum of 10 copies, or 25 copies (with free embossed covers). Larger companies and institutions order 50 – 100 copies, or more.


We have seen with past editions that almost all of the participating companies order the book to give to important clients and business partners, potential recruits, as well as for corporate gift giving, and to proudly display in their respective offices. We would hope that you would be proud of the publication and will want to have many copies to distribute as well.


This distribution is a key part of the INNOVATE Toronto project’s success. By distributing the books you are helping to spread the word about what an exciting time it is to be part of Toronto’s innovation ecosystem, and how XXXXXX is part of the story.

INNOVATE Toronto will be a high quality legacy publication that will be appreciated for many years to come.   


More information on our distribution model will follow in a second email.    


If you have any questions, please contact me anytime.

All the Best,

Brahm Glickman

Vice President  Canada Publications

Global Village Publishing Inc.

Tel: 514-951-1580

See the new INNOVATE Toronto Teaser Video:

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